Kalari Uzhichil

Kalari chikitsa follows the same principles of Uzhichil as propounded by Ayurveda. The mode of treatment is decided upon after taking into consideration the physical condition of the person concerned. .The Kalari uzhichil and massage are done using medicated oils (Thailams) and pastes specially prepared by kalari masters after studying the nature of sickness and the physic of the patient. Muscular injuries, broken bones, back ache, joint pains, spondilytis, arthritis and rheumatic diseases are treated with precision in kalari treatment. All ayurvedic medicines are prepared from specially selected herbal extract, herbal oils, animal products and naturally occurring minerals.

Traditional texts recommend moderate uzhichil for individuals whose physiology shows a dominant vata quality, very mild uzhichil for those with pitta and rigorous uzhichil for those with kapha. Old people and children are not subjected to massage at all. If a patient is involved, the most appropriate herbal oil or other oils are chosen after the diagnosis is finalized.