We treats the body holistically based on ‘96 dehathatwas’ Diagnosis at present is a very complex process, where different tests x-ray, scanning, are used. But in the kalari system, nadi chikilsa was prevalent from time immemorial. In the ancient system, certain amount of pressure is employed on the external vital points representing different internal organs and thus diagnosis is done. Specially the ‘64 kulabyasa marmas‘ are considered here.

Their special treatments described in manuscripts are made useful in treating all orthopaedic and general conditions. Vati (marmakkol) and thala used in ‘vatiyum thalayum prayoga in kalari’ are used to set bones right. Uzhichil (massage) sequence includes certain malayalam alphabets , and numbers on the body and the special techniques like ‘raksha thirummu, kacha thirummu, vattathirummu, thappu kottal ‘ etc gives quick relief.


Lots of patients who were adviced for surgeries in case of musculoskeletal diseases were cured and palliated without any surgeries; only using ayurveda kalari marma treatment. Medical cases rejected after a long span of treatment was cured at the hospital.